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In Therapy blog at Psychology Today
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Therapist Listing at Psychology Today
Interview for Beliefnet's Beyond Blue blog
Interview about In Treatment for Maclean's Magazine (Canada)
Interview about forgiveness for AOL
Interview about backseat drivers in the Psychology Today magazine 
Interview about letting go in Shape magazine 
Interview about mentally ill parents for PsychCentral (and part two)
Interview about self-hatred for PsychCentral 
Interview about getting the most out of therapy for PsychCentral 
Interview about self-exploration for PsychCentral 
Interview about forgiveness for abcNEWS 
Interview about mental health in the movies for Blisstree 
Interview about mental health in the media for PsychCentral 
Interview about advice for therapists for PsychCentral 
Interview about relationship books for PsychCentral 
Interview about why I'm a therapist for PsychCentral 
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Interview about keeping romance alive for PsychCentral 
Interview about shyness vs. introversion for Newsbyrd
Interview about living a meaningful life for PsychCentral 
Interview about me for PsychCentral 
Interview about growing a thicker skin for PsychCentral
Interview about forgiveness for U.S. News & World Report
Interview about coping with anxiety for PsychCentral 
Interview about adequacy for PsychCentral 
Interview about how clients spoil their progress for PsychCentral 
Interview about the benefits of therapy for PsychCentral 
Interview about how therapy changed my life for PsychCentral 
Interview about New Year's Resolutions for PsychCentral
Interview about New Year's partying for US News 
Interview about seeking mental health treatment for PsychCentral 
Interview about helping stuck clients for PsychCentral 
Excerpt of Therapist Burnout article for LACAMFT newsletter  
Plug for our book at Huffington Post 
Webinar about social media for PBS on YouTube
Slideshow about depression in the movies for Blisstree
Article in The Humanist about Secular Humanist Psychotherapy
Quote about forgiveness for APA Access Newsletter 
Tips for clients for Goodtherapy.org 
Article about therapy stigma for the APA website 
Cartoon based on a blog about therapist pet phrases
Cartoon based on a blog about journaling  
Cartoon based on a blog about being stood up by your therapist 
Point of View Column in Psychotherapy Networker Magazine:
Article interviewing Irvin Yalom
Article interviewing Donald Meichenbaum
Article interviewing Harriet Lerner 
Article interviewing Louann Brizendine 
Article interviewing George Lakoff 
Article interviewing Neil Clark Warren 
Article interviewing Diana Fosha
Article interviewing Dacher Keltner 
Article interviewing Etienne Wenger 
Article interviewing Daniel Coyle 
Article interviewing Mary Pipher 
Article interviewing Irvin Yalom (for a second time) 
Article interviewing Pat Ogden 
Article interviewing Jonathan Haidt 
Article interviewing Frederic Luskin 

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Recommended Reading:

The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck

Healing the Shame that Binds You by John Bradshaw

The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook by Edmund Bourne

Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend

Passionate Marriage by David Schnarch

Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman and Nan Silver

Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller

Messy Spirituality by Mike Yaconelli

Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart by Mark Epstein

Being & Loving by Althea Horner

The Gift of Therapy by Irvin Yalom 

I welcome any other 

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